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Independent Scholars Program

The Associated Colleges' Center for Independent Scholars:

Founded by action of the Associated Colleges' Board of Trustees in 1984, the Center for Independent Scholars offers its Fellows the opportunity to pursue scholarly and professional interests in ways generally unavailable to those not employed by academic institutions.

Fellows are persons who are pursuing serious scholarly work. This work could include writing for publication, dissertation research, writing and preparation for a conference presentation or other scholarly expressions in a variety of formats, including creating work in print and digital media. Applicants must hold at least a master's degree and be unaffiliated with any institution.

Applicants must be a spouse or partner (as defined by the employee's institution) of a full time faculty member who is employed by one of the member institutions.

Benefits to Fellows

Appointment to the Center for Independent Scholars provides the Fellow with:

  • A place to work
  • Courtesy appointment in an appropriate department
  • Library privileges at all member institutions
  • Proximity to others with similar goals

Obligations of Fellows

A Fellow for the Center for Independent Scholars is expected to:

  • Make a yearly public presentation based on his or her scholarly activity
  • Serve as a role model to unaffiliated academics and to students
  • Acknowledge support of the Center and the appointing institution in publications, conference attendance and presentations
  • Provide a yearly report of scholarly activities

Appointment as an Independent Scholar

Applicants must submit a letter of interest which includes an outline of the proposed scholarly activity along with a vita. A letter of support from an academic dean or provost or from a department chairperson recommending the appointment should be included.

Confirming action on appointment is taken by the Associated Colleges' Board during their quarterly meetings.

Further information is available from the offices of academic deans or provosts and from

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