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Services - Contract Services

Four contracts have been developed that save money for our member campuses by combining our needs for services.

Multi institution license for tax preparation assistance

The consortium members have entered into a contract to provide a web-based tax return preparation system for international students and scholars.

Support of local TV quiz show

This contract underwrites an educational series that promotes and rewards academic excellence in our local schools. High school teams compete in an academic competition testing their knowledge of history, literature, math, science, current events and pop-culture. The Homework Hotline is also sponsored.

Chartered bus transportation for members of Associated Colleges' athletic teams

All of the members have entered into a contract with one firm which provides, operates and maintains buses for safe, comfortable and dependable transportation of the athletic teams. This is a term agreement that includes transportation to competition destinations as well as interim activities.

The contract encourages members of Associated Colleges to all have the same high expectations of the driver, the bus and the service. It also allows the transportation firm to have a reasonable expectation of a continuing contract.

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