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Academic Seminars/Conference Guidelines

The purpose of the Academic Seminars/Conferences program is to bring students and faculty together from the four campuses to discuss issues that they are studying in courses. The format will vary based on the needs and interests of each group, as will the frequency of meetings or events. In some cases, it will make sense to have a single meeting or event; in other cases, a series of meetings or events will be desirable.

To be eligible for funding, at least three colleges must be planning to have students and faculty attend. (Seminars/conferences that have students and faculty from all four campuses participating will receive priority in the selection process.) While funding may be used for subsidizing external speakers or facilitators, the event should promote the collaboration/interaction of attendees. Funds may be used to pay for transportation, refreshments, and/or a speaker whose total costs are less than $500.00. We encourage groups who wish to have speakers to draw from the local community. No more than $600.00 may be requested for an academic seminar/conference.

Applications must be made in writing and are due in the Associated Colleges office on or before July 31, 2017 for seminars/conferences to be held in the 2017-2018 academic year.

Include the following information in the letter of application:

  • Name of Seminar/Conference;
  • Brief description of seminar/conference and its goals;
  • Name(s), phone number(s), department, and email(s) of the person(s) responsible for administering the seminar/conference;
  • Identification of courses and faculty who will participate, and a discussion of how many students are likely to participate, and how they will be encouraged to participate;
  • Number of meetings anticipated;
  • A budget of projected expenditures for activities proposed (i.e., costs for duplicating papers, expenses for speakers, meeting refreshments, etc.).
Proposals should be clearly labeled Academic Seminars/Conferences Program and sent to Vicki Jacot, Associated Colleges, 288 Van Housen Extension, SUNY Potsdam, Potsdam, NY 13676 for mail delivery or to for email submissions. Inquiries may be addressed to Ben Dixon, Administrative Coordinator of the Associated Colleges of the St. Lawrence Valley, at or 267- 3330.



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