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Associated Colleges - Logo A Guide to Cross-Registration 2012-2013

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The cross-registration program at Associated Colleges allows a full-time student registered at SUNY Potsdam, SUNY Canton, Clarkson University or St. Lawrence University to take classes on the other three ACSLV campuses without going through separate admissions procedures. Fulltime students may register for a maximum of two courses per academic year. Tuition is paid only to the home institution.

Cross Registration Instructions:

  • Pick up a cross-registration form in the Registrar's office on your campus or print a form from the Associated Colleges website at:
  • Discuss the course with your advisor and obtain her/his signature on the form.
  • Obtain the signature of the instructor on the first day of class so he or she can determine if there is space and if all pre-requisites have been met.
  • Return the cross-registration form to the Registrar's office on your campus or to Associated Colleges if you are a full-time employee through two or more part-time positions.
  • Expect the course to be billed as though it were a course from your home institution.
  • Grades will be sent to your Registrar's office and will be transcripted as though they were your home institution's grades.
  • It is your responsibility to determine if the cross-registered course will satisfy graduation or other program requirements

Cross-Registration Exclusions:

Winterim classes are not eligible for cross-registration. Cross-registration cannot be used for non-credit courses.

Cross-Registration Eligibility:

To cross-register, an individual must fit into one of the following categories:

  • full-time matriculated undergraduate student
  • full-time graduate student
  • full-time employee at one of the four colleges of Associated Colleges (SUNY Canton, Clarkson University, SUNY Potsdam, St. Lawrence University)
  • full-time employee at one of the affiliated agencies whose employees have the same benefits as those employed by one of the member colleges (i.e. SUNY Research Foundation, PACES, Canton College Association, Associated Colleges)
  • full-time employee through a combination of two or more part-time positions at different colleges or affiliated agencies of Associated Colleges
  • faculty emeritus of one of the four colleges of the consortium

Employees should check with their Human Resources office to explore employee benefits before cross-registering.

There is no charge to cross-register for courses as long as the eligibility requirements are met. A student does have to pay special fees, such as fees for labs, application or registration.

Student Responsibilities for Cross-Registration:

Students taking a course at a host college must abide by all appropriate attendance regulations, honor systems, parking regulations, etc. at the host institution. Students must adhere to their home school's policies, procedures and deadlines for incompletes, withdrawals, pass/fail or adding or dropping a cross-registered class.

Cross-Registration Regulations:

Cross-registration is a cooperative program designed to expand the educational opportunities available to the students and staff of the four colleges of the consortium. It provides any full-time matriculated student or full-time employee at a member college the opportunity to enroll in a course offered by another member college.

Eligible students and staff may cross-register for a maximum of two courses per year. A year extends from late August through the end of summer school in the following year. For example, courses in Summer School 2013 could be taken by an eligible student only if that student has not taken two classes via cross-registration in Fall Semester 2012 and/or Spring Semester 2013.

Eligible students and staff may cross-register for courses that are not available at their home institution. The advisor at the home institution is responsible for directing a student to take a course at the home institution when appropriate rather than through cross-registration.

Cross-registration in any course is provided on a space available basis and is subject to the approval of the course instructor. A sufficient number of home campus students must enroll in a course to warrant its offering. Home campus students will be given priority in those courses that become fully subscribed. Cross-registration students will be admitted after all host institution students have had the opportunity to register for the course.

It is the student's responsibility to determine whether or not a particular course satisfies the student's requirements for a major, a certificate or license, or graduation. Before cross-registration, the student/staff member must carefully check with program advisors to be sure that the cross-registration choice is an appropriate one.

Students who need accommodative services should contact the appropriate office at their home institution.

Tuition is paid to the student's home school under the policies of that institution. If cross-registration credits result in a course load requiring additional tuition charges at the home school, the student is responsible for those charges just as if the cross-registered credits were home school credits.

Exceptions to the two course limit for unusual or extenuating academic circumstances may be granted by the Chief Academic Officer (or their designee) at the host institution:

  • Clarkson University: Charles Thorpe, Senior Vice President and Provost;, 315-268-6738
  • St. Lawrence University: Valerie Lehr, Vice President and Dean of Academic Affairs;, 315-229-5993
  • SUNY Canton: Karen Spellacy, Interim Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs;, 315-386-7202
  • SUNY Potsdam: Gerald Ratliff, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs;, 315-267-2107

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