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Faculty Exchange Program

Faculty from SUNY Potsdam, SUNY Canton, Clarkson University and St. Lawrence University are invited to participate in the Associated Colleges of the St. Lawrence Valley's Faculty Exchange Program, wherein faculty members are provided the opportunity to teach at one of the universities in the consortium.

The faculty exchange Program affords a number of advantages to those who avail themselves of it, including offering additional sections in specialty areas, getting to know colleagues at another campus, and enjoying the experience of teaching at a different university. From an institutional perspective, faculty exchange enables departments to enrich curricular options by drawing on expertise at the other campuses as well as to address temporary staffing needs.

Most frequently, the exchange will involve teaching one course at the host university, although teaching multiple courses through the exchange may be possible. Courses taught through the Faculty Exchange Program are generally considered part of a faculty member's regular academic load unless other arrangements are made at the home university.

If you are interested in faculty exchange, contact your department chairperson or your chief academic officer. All faculty exchanges are initiated by the host department and must be approved by the chief academic officers, Academic Deans and the Department Chairs of both the host and home universities. Individual faculty members are encouraged to contact colleagues or department chairs at the other colleges to explore possibilities.

Exchanges should be arranged well in advance so that courses may be listed in preregistration course schedules to ensure healthy enrollments. The deadline for requests to participate in the Fall Faculty Exchange Program is February 15. The deadline for requests for the Spring Faculty Exchange Program is August 15.

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