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Faculty Seminars

Each year Associated Colleges supports faculty seminars. The broad purpose of the faculty seminars is to bring faculty from all four campuses together to exchange ideas, share scholarly interests, discuss curricular issues, promote faculty development, advance individual research interests, read works-in-progress, and on occasion to host a guest speaker. The formats of the seminars vary with the needs and interests of each group as does the frequency of meetings.

Seminars are funded for the academic year.

Seminars might include one-day workshops, a series of discussions with common readings, a speaker or facilitator or other groupings of faculty who want to come together to share their research or expertise areas.

Depending upon the level of activity being proposed, groups may receive funding in amounts up to $1,000. Guidelines for initiating faculty seminars are available. Proposals should be clearly labeled Faculty Seminar Program and sent to Vicki Jacot, Associated Colleges, 288 Van Housen Extension, SUNY Potsdam, Potsdam, NY 13676 for mail delivery or to for email requests. Inquiries may be addressed to Margaret Madden, Provost at SUNY Potsdam and convener of the Associated Colleges Chief Academic Officers Committee, at or 267-2108. The deadline for proposals is March 15.



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